Thursday, April 23, 2009

Perverts Know How To Put On A Show

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Only a pervert can drink a glass of their own urine and make it entertainment.

Anyone looking for a truly sleazy experience can head to the CounterPULSE theater in San Francisco this Saturday (Apr. 25) for stage readings and productions by Perverts Put Out! (PPO), a performance art group that focuses on the strange side of sex.

According to spokesperson Simon Sheppard, audience members should expect lots of dirty talk, some nudity, and a few “twisted” acts that may blow their minds.

He explains, “I performed a poetry reading while I was getting sucked off once. It was really distracting. I also peed in a glass once and drank it while reading. One of the cool things about PPO is that even I don’t know what to expect.”

Performances have even included a mayoral candidate who stripped down to his birthday suit and an audience member who decided to join in on the fun and masturbate on stage during a reading.

Sheppard says, “There’s basically no rules, except no kids or animals.”

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