Friday, April 3, 2009

ER Doctor Referees Epic Warrior Battles

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One ER doctor always gets the final word when it comes to epic battles between deadly warriors.

Dr. Armand Dorian is the resident medical expert on Deadliest Warrior, a series that pits history’s greatest warriors against each other to determine who would win in a duel to the death.

Using numerical data, computer analysis, and medical tests, Dorian and his crew declare winners in battles like Gladiator vs. Apache and William Wallace vs. Shaka Zulu.

Though numbers, weapons, and stats play big roles in the outcome of a fierce fight, Dorian says medicine rules all.

He explains, “If a sword goes through someone’s heart, they’re dead. The speed and technique doesn’t matter.”

Dorian’s “trauma perspective” can deduce if a warrior’s strike is actually fatal based on medical facts.

He was most surprised by the physical impact of Braveheart’s sword, which “took out three heads with one swipe” during field tests.

Deadliest Warrior premieres Tuesday (Apr. 7) on Spike TV.

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