Monday, February 9, 2009

Abe Lincoln’s Wife Wasn’t Crazy

BELFAST, Ireland (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Abe Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, has been demonized for decades, but she wasn’t so bad after all.

Catherine Clinton, author of Mrs. Lincoln: A Life (Harper), says First Lady Lincoln wasn’t as crazy as historians make her out to be.

Though known for being “moody and temperamental,” Clinton says Mrs. Lincoln was also educated, passionate, and the driving force behind Honest Abe’s good deeds.

She was “politically astute” and very competent, keeping track of Abe’s records while he was in office.

Mary was the first First Lady to be hounded by the press as much as the president, and even had her own old-school paparazzi stalking her every move.

Clinton explains, “Whenever Mary left the White House, telegraphs would trill with talk about her going shopping.”

Additionally, Clinton says Mrs. Lincoln was always finding ways to keep her family in good spirits in the midst of the Civil War.

She says, “She’d have cooks whip up Abe’s favorite meal – chicken and gravy – and hire an opera singer to come to the White House.”

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