Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sitting On The Toilet Makes You Psychic

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – With the economy in the dumps, wouldn’t it be great to become psychic and rich while sitting on the crapper?

That’s the dream paranormal researcher Joshua P. Warren had, and he’s made it a reality with his money making kit called “Put This By Your Toilet and Make Money Being Psychic in Two Weeks.”

The kit comes with a booklet of daily exercises to improve one’s psychic ability and teaches people how to channel cold hard cash to come their way.

But the cosmic kit only works if you’re sitting on the can.

Warren explains, “It works better on the toilet because it’s a place we visit several times a day. There we’re alone and become reflective and relaxed. People enter the alpha brain state in the bathroom, and are more receptive to new ideas and learning.”

In his research, Warren found that people become more psychic when they’re motivated by want or need, so in these trying times his kit will come in handy.

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