Monday, January 5, 2009

‘10 Items Or Less’ Actor Has Grocery Store Mapped Out

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – 10 Items Or Less actor John Lehr sure knows his way around a grocery store.

Lehr plays inept manager Leslie Pool in the TBS comedy series, which is actually filmed in a real working supermarket.

He knows where every item is in the aisles, and often assists real customers – who are used as extras on the show – with their shopping.

He laughs, “People always ask me where the ketchup is. I point them in the right direction.”

He’s become so comfortable with the store’s layout, that when the real life manager rearranges anything, Lehr has a panic attack.

He and the cast spend so much time at the grocery store, they even take lunch breaks with the real employees.

Lehr has much respect for grocery store workers and now sees things from their perspective.

He explains, “When I see someone with more than 10 items in a ‘10 items or less’ lane, my blood boils. But I’m too much of a wimp to say anything!”

The third season of 10 Items premieres tomorrow (Jan. 6) on TBS.

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