Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Singles Face The Facts

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Singles on the prowl this holiday season can save face by studying their potential partners’ faces.

Face reader Barbara Roberts says people’s personality patterns can be gauged by looking at their facial features.

For instance, if someone has large eyes it means they’re romantic, and if they have a round chin it means they love kids.

For a partner who’s great in the sack, Roberts says a “strong vertical line between the nose and upper lip” is a giveaway, as well as full, Angelina Jolie-style lips.

However, there are some facial features daters should be weary of.

If someone has a tiny mouth or tiny ears it means they’re self-absorbed, much like Donald Trump.

Roberts warns that people with tight lips and tight jaws may have rage problems, while people with too much white showing in their eyes may be “emotionally unstable.”

When looking for a mate, Roberts advises finding someone who’s your “70/30” match, meaning 70 percent of their facial features match yours and 30 percent are different.

For more info, visit facereading1.com.

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