Friday, September 26, 2008

Man Has Ultimate Solution For Crashing Economy

MILL VALLEY, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One man’s “brilliant” plan is going to save the United States from financial ruin.

Dr. Da Vid Raphael, who heads the Light Party, a “wholistic new political paradigm party,” is urging congress to implement a tax on currency trades that he’s positive would save the country from going broke.

It’s called the Tobin Tax, which was first concocted by Nobel laureate James Tobin, and Raphael says the thought came to him in a heated moment.

He says, “I was sitting in my hot tub meditating about the economic crisis and then it was like, ‘BOOM! The Tobin tax could totally solve the whole freakin’ problem!’”

Raphael says the tax would generate $300 billion dollars annually, which would “stabilize the whole market” and “save us from destitution.”

Though he admits he’s no “super duper economist,” Raphael is sure the Tobin Tax would be the answer to America’s financial woes.

He says, “We gotta get politicians talking about this. It’s a gold mine that’s never been tapped.”

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