Monday, September 22, 2008

Man Creates Sticky Hitchhiking Mechanism

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Hitchhiking can be a sticky situation.

New York-based designer Robert Nightingale has created a fun and highly dangerous way of catching a ride with his latest piece called “Hitch.”

The creation consists of a belt and mitt fashioned with suction cups that enables hitchers to stick themselves onto the side of a car to hitch a ride.

Though the dangerous design has garnered controversy, Nightingale assures that it’s all for laughs.

He says, “It’s a purely conceptual project I did for a competition. I thought of a way to take hitchhiking to a second level, but no one should actually use this.”

However, Nightingale does muse on a future where commuters use the Hitch to go about their daily business.

He explains, “Imagine it on a highway in traffic, with people flying down stuck to cars, or on a subway with men in suits reading the newspaper.”

Though it couldn’t work in today’s age, Nightingale can envision a future with a more sophisticated version.

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