Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ground Zero Gets Ghostly Chill

EUGENE, Ore. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It’ll be cold around Ground Zero today (Sep. 11), and it’s due to the ghosts of 9/11 victims.

Seven years after the attacks on September 11, the fallen are still lingering around the site of the twin towers, and will be creating a high amount of supernatural activity according to paranormal researcher Peter Fenton.

Fenton says folks who visit the attack site today will have a chilling experience, feeling cold spots and sudden brisk breezes that he says are actually the ghosts of late victims.

He also believes “more extraordinary” activity may occur.

Fenton says, “The site will be more activated because it’s the anniversary of the event, especially if a number of relatives of the dead show up. The ghosts may try to connect with them.”

For mourners hoping to reconnect with their late loved ones, Fenton recommends visiting the area and “opening yourself up” to the spirits.

He says, “It’s ridiculous to bring a Ouija board, but bring something of theirs and think of them. You’ll feel closer to them than you ever imagined you could.”

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