Thursday, July 31, 2008

Women Enjoy Wearing Briefs Or No Panties At All

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Women have a special attachment to their underwear – or no attachment at all!

In honor of National Underwear Day (Aug. 5), Carefree pantiliners has conducted a survey that reveals fun facts about undies.

Turns out, 36 percent of women admit to occasionally not wearing underwear, while 19 percent go commando at least once a month, and 11 percent go panty-less once a week.

When gals do wear panties, 64 percent have a favorite pair, and 50 percent of women say wearing that special pair makes them feel more confident.

Other skivvies stats include...

  • 34 percent of guys prefer girls in briefs rather than thongs, which is great because 53 percent of women prefer wearing briefs anyway.

  • 84 percent of women rate comfort as a very important factor when it comes to buying underwear, while 14 percent think that sexiness is extremely important.

  • Finally, 61 percent of ladies admit they have at least one pair of “granny panties” in their underwear drawer so they don’t ruin their favorite pair during that time of the month.

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