Friday, July 25, 2008

History’s Greatest Thinkers Did Dope

MADISON, Wis. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Great minds need a little boost – drug boost, that is.

In his book The Chemical Muse: Drug Use and the Roots of Western Civilization (St. Martin’s Press), Dr. David Hillman reveals that the great Greco-Roman minds that produced the ideas behind democracy, philosophy, biology, and many other concepts were all hardcore junkies.

He says, “They had no problem with drugs. It wasn’t considered bad or immoral to use them. If people today transported back in time, they’d be shocked at the amount of drug use.”

According to Hillman, ancient Greeks and Romans were “crazy about Opium,” mixing it with other hallucinogenic drugs to achieve the ultimate high.

They also turned to hard drugs to treat aches and pains, even in children, and when creating the building blocks for civilization.

Hillman explains, “Drugs helped the people in antiquity to see things in an inspired way and brought them closer to the Gods. There were even state-sponsored drug parties and orgies.”

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