Friday, July 11, 2008

Running And Juggling Are A Beautiful Combination

DAVIDSON, N.C. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Sometimes running takes a lot of balls.

A new hobby called Joggling takes regular, old running to the next level by combining it with juggling, and joggler Bill Giduz – who calls himself the “discoverer” of the sport – says it’s a match made in heaven.

He says, “I was a runner and I also juggled, and one day I put the two together and they went beautifully.”

According to Giduz, it’s easier to pick up the sport if you’re already a runner because, in running, your arms naturally make the same pumping motion a juggler’s does.

Though some jogglers add extra excitement to their routine by adding tricks or juggling clubs and bowling balls, Giduz says the sport doesn’t need to go extreme.

He explains, “I don’t want to encourage anyone to joggle up mountains or across rivers and creeks. It’s already a tough sport. It doesn’t need to be tougher.”

Jogglers can show off their skills at the International Jugglers Festival on Tuesday (Jul. 15) in Lexington, Kentucky.

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