Monday, June 2, 2008

‘Meerkat Manor’ Resembles Catty Soap Opera

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The claws are coming out on Meerkat Manor this season.

According to producer Mick Kaczorowski, the latest season of the Animal Planet reality show Meerkat Manor: The Next Generation, is as dramatic as a daytime soap opera.

Following their mother Flower’s death, it centers around dueling sisters Rocket Dog and Maybelline, as they divide into their own clans and battle it out for power in the Kalahari.

Kaczorowski says viewers can expect to see the meerkats dealing with betrayal, struggle, romance, and seduction – all makings of a juicy, dramatic soap.

He says the rivalry among the sisters makes for exciting TV, and divulges that their furry battle will rage on indefinitely.

The sisters and other females of the meerkat clans will be looking for love the entire time, because, as Kaczorowski puts it, “The more offspring they have, the bigger their clan. That means more protection, food gatherers, and power over territory.”

But the meerkat way of life gets a little too catty sometimes – even for Kaczorowski.

He explains, “In order to protect their offspring, matriarch meerkats are willing to throw out their own daughters! That’s harsh.”

Meerkat Manor: The Next Generation premieres Friday (Jun. 6).

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