Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Boys Should Be Boys

RIPTON, Vt. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Boys should be boys, or they’ll end up in prison.

Richard Hawley is the author of Beyond the Icarus Factor: Releasing the Free Spirit of Boys (Inner Traditions), which advocates nurturing boys’ free-spirited ways instead of punishing their wild behavior.

Hawley, a former headmaster at a boys school, says adolescent young men naturally want to explore the world around them, and must be allowed to or else it can mean dire consequences.

He warns that repressed boys may drop out of school, get involved in school yard shootings, suffer from depression, or even have mental breakdowns.

They may also commit crimes, go to prison, do drugs, or be involved in salacious sexual scandals.

Hawley says, “We train boys to be these golden boys who have to live by a high moral code and be high achievers. This is why people like Eliot Spitzer are who they are.”

Beyond the Icarus Factor is out now.

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