Wednesday, November 28, 2007

‘Martian Child’ Actor Urges Bullies To Lighten Up

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One tiny actor hopes to use his latest big screen role to urge bullies to keep it cool on the playground.

Bobby Coleman is the 10-year-old star of Martian Child, a movie in which he plays an abandoned and socially rejected little boy who claims he’s from Mars, opposite screen vet John Cusack.

Coleman says he decided to take on the tough role when he was just eight years old, after reading the touching script with his mom, dad, and sister.

He explains, “My character’s name is Dennis and he’s this troubled kid because his parents left him and all of these kids make fun of him. When I read the script with my family we thought, ‘How did it feel for all those kids to be mean to him, and for his parents to leave him, that he just closed up because people hurt him emotionally.’ I thought it was a good story.”

And since Coleman’s character in the film gets picked on, he hopes kids realize how hurtful teasing can be.

Coleman says he’s “Never, ever” been a bully himself and has some wise words for all the bad bullies of the world.

He scolds, “Just be nice, guys!”

Martian Child, also starring Amanda Peet, is in theaters now.

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