Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Turkey Hunting Comes With Great Gobbler Gags

SEATTLE (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you decide to hunt your own turkey this Thanksgiving (Nov. 22), you better come up with a good story on how you got the bird to the dinner table.

So says Buck Peterson, a Seattle-based, gun-toting nature lover who’s just penned Buck Peterson’s Complete Guide To Bird Hunting (Ten Speed Press), in which he gives tips on how to have a feathery fun bird hunting experience, including how to shoot yourself a prize-winning turkey.

But according to Peterson, shooting your own Thanksgiving gobbler is only as cool as the tale that comes with its head.

Says Peterson: “There’s no question that your Thanksgiving turkey tastes better if you shoot it yourself, but it’s even better because it comes with a story. It gives you a chance to embellish to your family and friends about how you hunted the bird. You get to be the Davy Crockett, alpha turkey who bravely brought home Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, the stories get better if you serve your guests some Wild Turkey [bourbon] first – especially your in-laws!”

And while fall seems like an easy time to bag a bird, Peterson says differently.

He explains, “Spring is really the best time to turkey hunt. That’s when the turkeys are distracted and busy romancing the hens and you can call them over to have a chat with your 12 gauge.”

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