Thursday, November 8, 2007

Turn Your Frugal Fridge Into A Feast

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A new website is helping cooks and co-eds turn an empty fridge into a four-star feast. is a site which allows people to type in the contents of their kitchen and receive an assortment of recipes, and creator Assaf Rozenblatt says the super supper site is helping calm some kitchen chaos.

Rozenblatt says, “Some people might only have three or four ingredients, but with Supercook you can just type in what you have, and it tells you what goes with what. You can put in some wacky combinations.”

And if mixing mayo and mangos for a marvelous meal seems too good to be true, the delicious database has more than 300,000 recipes on hand to help people have a fancy feast on a frugal fridge.

And while Rozenblatt says Supercook “solves a problem everyone has,” the idea for the site came from Rozenblatt’s own dreaded dining.

He says, “I ate out a lot in college. I always had a few things in the fridge, but I was afraid to experiment.”

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