Friday, November 2, 2007

Champion Eater Eats Dark Meat For A Win

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One champion eater is gobbling down the competition by going for the dark meat.

Competitive eater Pat Bertoletti is feeling low after losing last Sunday’s (Oct. 28) Krystal’s World Hamburger Eating Championship to food phenom Joey Chestnut, so he’s going to claim back the gorging glory with tons of turkey.

On November 20, Bertoletti will challenge Chestnut and Japanese eating powerhouse Takeru Kobayashi in the Battle of the Bird contest, where he will gobble down as much turkey as possible for eight minutes, and Bertoletti, who is the returning champion, has a dark strategy.

He says, “I go for the dark meat first because it’s moist and tender, so I save my energy for the white meat, which is difficult to get down.”

Despite what he calls a “healthy rivalry” with Chestnut, Bertoletti says the trash talk is mainly for the cameras.

He says, “I enjoy competing against Joey, and don’t mind losing to him. But I enjoy beating him more than anyone else.”

The Battle of the Bird airs November 20 on SPIKE TV.

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