Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Farters Cut The Cheese With Ease

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Thanks to a new invention, fartin’ folks can deny what they supply.

That’s the stinky word from Frank Morosky, vice president of the Flat-D, activated charcoal cloth pads that when placed in the underwear, allows gassy guys and gals to cut the cheese with ease.

And according to Morosky, the fart friendly pads make smelly social situations a breeze.

He says, “People won’t have to worry about leaving a noxious green cloud behind them. They can use the pads on dates, at church, or at work and not be embarrassed if they rip one.”

Morosky thinks the Flat-D pads can also put the spring back into any farter’s step.

He says, “People regain their self-confidence, and won’t become shut-ins because of gas. We like to say they’re ready for immediate installation. You just put it in the back door and you’re ready to go!”

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