Monday, October 1, 2007

Give Your Dog A Piece Of Crap

LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Next time Fido leaves you a stinky surprise, thank him by playing fetch with a real piece-of- crap dog toy.

Steve Sacras, president of VIP Products dog toy company, has just created the “Mr. Poops” dog toy, a squeaky novelty item for your pooch in the shape of a piece of poop that’s quickly becoming the cream of the crap in dog toys.

Says Sacras: “Owners love using Mr. Poop to trick people into thinking their dog really has a piece of poo in its mouth – it’s hilarious! The best part is that your dog has no idea that you’re giving them a piece of crap, because they’re just excited to have a new toy. It’s nice to know you’re dog will still love you even if you give them s!”

But Sacras doesn’t take all the credit for the fetchable feces, since the doggie doo was inspired by Sacras’ own pup, who’s also named Mr. Poops.

Sacras explains, “My dog is impatient and doesn’t like to wait for his poop to come out, so he pulls it out with his mouth and then freaks out when he realizes he has a mouthful of s. It’s gross, but kind of endearing.”

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