Friday, September 7, 2007

Ass In A Bottle, You Gotta Rub It The Right Way

CONVOY, Ohio (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An Ohio man is putting the rank back into prank with his homemade smelly scent.

“Liquid Ass” is a gag gift you can use to stink up any situation, and inventor Allen Whittman crafted the foul fluid 60 times before finding what he calls “a true ass smell.”

When concocting the product, Whittman says he “thought of the nastiest ass imaginable,” relying on his wife and friends as testers and forcing them to “endure the smell of ass for a long time.”

But he didn’t quit until he had the specific stinky stench he wanted.

He says, “I wanted that back-from-the-gym, swamp-ass smell. It’s the best.”

The bottle was designed so when squeezed, it lets out the awful odor with your chosen amount of pressure, making for a perfect undercover prank.

Whittman says, “Liquid Ass is easy to apply, and very stealthy. You can spray it on someone or under a desk during a meeting, and nobody would ever know it was you.”

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