Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Australian Hypnotist Heals You From Down Under

PERTH, Australia (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Breaking your bad habits is just a soundwave away.

Rick Collingwood is an award-winning Australian hypnotherapist whose trance tricks have helped cure everything from obesity and alcoholism to thyroid diseases and ADD.

And listen up – Collingwood is the pioneer behind the ‘neurosonic frequency,’ a radio wave on his hypnosis albums that helps lull listeners into a trance.

And that’s when Collingwood begins to truly delve down under.

Collingwood says, “The subconscious is very child-like, but also very intelligent. It’s like a hard drive, and hypnosis can load a new program into it.”

But don’t worry, Collingwood won’t con you while you’re conked out.

He explains, “Hypnosis isn’t mind control. If a suggestion isn’t correct for a person, the subconscious mind won’t let them do it.”

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