Friday, August 10, 2007

Hobos Take Over Town

BRITT, IOWA (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – After 100 years of drifting, hobos are being honored for all their hard work.

The 107th National Hobo Convention is stumbling into Britt, Iowa, tomorrow (Aug. 11), and for four days, hobos great and small will be herded together on a grass patch in the town where they’ll commence the celebration by lighting a jungle fire.

While hobos are usually looked down upon, during the celebration – which also includes a parade and the crowning of a Hobo King and Queen – nobody will be complaining about the hardy homeless.

But hold that street corner – there may be some impersonators in the crowd.

Although the fest celebrates all things hobo, event coordinator Darcy Eisenman admits there hasn’t been a real hobo in attendance in years.

Eisenman says, “Nowadays, people drive in with their RV’s and cars, and are mostly just descendants of hobos. People who come want to keep the memory of the hobo alive. It’s a really great public affair.”

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