Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Author Pens Heavy Metal Love Letter To Black Sabbath

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – For one heavy metal fan, writing a book about his favorite band became a loud lesson in love.

In his new book, Rat Salad (St. Martin’s Press), author Paul Wilkinson details his fascination with British heavy metal kings Black Sabbath, and according to Wilkinson, writing the book was a labor of love and nostalgia.

Wilkinson says, “When you’re young, your passion is so much more naked. I’ve not experienced the same passion I did as when I heard Black Sabbath for the first time.”

But like most teenage trysts, it was the original band’s breakup that had long-lasting, heartbreaking effects on Wilkinson.

He laments, “It was like your first love. When that breaks up, you’re devastated, but then you get older and you find ways to deal with it.”

And how does Wilkinson’s other true love deal with his boyhood crush?

Wilkinson says, “My wife’s very understanding. She tolerates it, but I don’t think she’d listen to the music herself.”

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