Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Male Nannies Could Be The New Craze

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Male nannies are hard to come by, but one author in New York says “Mannies” are a perfect addition to the modern-day family.

Journalist and author Holly Peterson has just written a book called The Manny (The Dial Press), about a busy modern mom’s experience with a male nanny, and Peterson hopes the story helps legitimize the manny profession.

Says Peterson: “I’m a big manny believer. I think it’s great to have a guy making macaroni and cheese and taking care of your kids. Men are better caregivers than people give them credit for, and most are pretty trustworthy with children.”

Peterson, who has a real-life manny of her own for her three kids, enjoys having a manny because it defies gender stereotypes and keeps her kids entertained and well-adjusted.

She explains, “It’s good for kids to grow up around positive male figures, and men are usually energetic enough to keep up with kids. My manny is a mix between a fourth, older child and an overgrown puppy. He’s rambunctious and full of energy so he’s great at keeping the kids busy – much better than a 45-year-old woman nanny would be!”

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