Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Rehab Can Be Deadly

NEW YORK CITY (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Lindsay Lohan may be safe in rehab these days, but one actor says his stint at an on- screen clinic nearly killed him.

George Gallagher stars in Over the GW, an indie flick based on a true story about a troubled teen who got forced into a rehab facility similar to a cultlike boot camp.

And while he was just acting the part, Gallagher says the experience of the film had a real effect on his physical body.

He explains, “As an actor, things tend to spill over into your life. So I came down with Bell’s Palsy during the filmings which actually gave me paralysis on half of my face.”

But his muscular malfunction didn’t stop the production.

As Gallagher puts it, “Everything happens for a reason, and now it’s in the movie. I’m talking through one side of my mouth and my eyes keep blinking funny.”

Over the GW premieres on June 27 in New York City.

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