Friday, September 8, 2006

‘Star Trek’ Effects Re-Masters Refuse To Fix Broken Originals

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The original Star Trek television series is getting a special effects makeover beginning September 16 – but the wizards behind the controversial new episodes promise nothing but cosmetic changes to the shows.

In fact, they’ve been fighting with each other over whether or not to leave in mistakes in the original episodes in efforts to keep rabid Trekkies from beaming the new versions into the trash.

According to John Nogawski, the president of CBS television, the show’s technical gurus “had a four-hour fight” about whether or not to keep an obvious mistake in one of the shows, noting: “The camera shakes violently at one point – but in the end, we didn’t fix it.”

He adds: “Even though the original producers would love us to.”

The effects updates are for HD – or high definition – formats, though all Trekkies will be able to view the results as the first of 79 original episodes of the show begin airing in syndication next week, with DVD releases to follow.

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