Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Black Jesus Stars In Color Of The Cross Movie

CULVER CITY (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ shocked some as cinema’s first blood-and-guts Messiah – but a new motion picture starring an African American as God’s only begotten son could be Hollywood’s first portrayal of a Black Jesus.

The title may sound obvious, but Color of the Cross is hardly a race-driven film, according to the movie’s screenwriter, director and leading Son of Man, Jean-Claude LaMarre.

In fact, LaMarre says it’s important to note that, “There’s only one reference in the movie to the fact that Jesus is a Black Jew – but there’s no avoiding the visuals, either.”

LaMarre prefers to view his breakthrough Brother Christ more as a matter of historical accuracy, rather than advocating any racial ideology.

Says Lamarre: “It’s not like we’re making this movie to say, ‘White people lied to us about Jesus!”’

“It’s as inclusive as it can be,” stresses LaMarre – who will attend an exclusive press screening of Color this Friday (July 28) at Culver City Studios, one of several before the slated theatrical release in October.

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