Thursday, June 29, 2006

Travel Channel Journalist Still Has Craving For Snake Soup

DENVER (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Travel Channel journalist Gabe Schirm just got back from Southeast Asia a week ago and he’s already missing the snake soup.

Schirm is one of the hosts of 5 Takes, a Travel Channel series that follows five journalists through 12 cities for a three-month period.

Schirm was the team “foodie” and, as such, he had to sample delicacies like the Mangrove worm in rural Australia, which is a delicacy for the aborigines – but made him throw up because of the way it wiggled down his throat.

He also had to try something called a “1000-year-old egg,” which is made by burying an egg in hot sand for a week. In his words, “It tastes like a fart.”

No wonder when Schirm was in Bangkok, he ditched the film crew in order to eat at Burger King.

But while some of the local delicacies made Schirm lose his lunch, he admits he enjoyed the snake soup flavored with venom and blood and still gets a craving for it.

5 Takes has its season finale tonight (June 29).

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