Friday, June 23, 2006

Hip Hop Musical Marries Movies And Music Videos

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – West Side Story may be the best-known musical about gangs, but it looks like Sesame Street compared to a new “hip-hop musical” movie called Confessions Of A Thug.

Daron Fordham, who wrote, directs and stars in the film, says his tale of a Florida street hustler questioning himself and the consequences of his lifestyle relies on rap performances for much of its storytelling for simple reasons.

In Fordhams words: “Two things my generation – the hip-hop generation – really loves are watching movies and watching music videos; so it’s natural to combine the two.”

As far as he knows, Fordham says it’s the first hip-hop movie musical of its kind, a narrative with dialogue and characters who break into song – or rapping, in this case – in the middle of a scene.

The film features performances by rappers Lady of Rage, J.T. Money and Gucci Mane.

Laughs Fordham, “If they want to take it to Broadway, that’s cool, as long as the choreography is tight.”

Confessions of a Thug premieres tonight (June 23) at the Urbanworld VIBE Film Festival in New York.

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