Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Boomers Want Sex Once A Week; Most Aren’t Getting It

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – America’s married Baby Boomers still prize physical intimacy with their partners, but not all get as much as they would like.

According to a new survey by Cialis, 44 percent of American couples say physical intimacy with their partner has decreased since they married, while only 25 percent see improvement.

Even worse: Although 63 percent of married adults would like sex at least once a week, only 36 percent get it on that often.

There is some good news: 40 percent of American couples believe emotional intimacy with their partner is better than ever, and only 25 percent report that it’s worse.

Sex experts Dr. Joy Browne and Dr. Bob Berkowitz admit the sex stats sound harsh; but, luckily, there are ways of improving the physical intimacy so it ranks up there with the emotional kind.

For instance, Browne is a supporter of “date nights,” where couples can reignite the excitement and anticipation of their early romance.

And Berkowitz points out that 40 percent of men 40 and up suffer erectile dysfunction, so an open dialogue with the better half will only make it that much easier to ask a doctor for help.

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