Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Brit Rockers Lostprophets Predict Politics As Usual

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The cereal Trix may be for kids and, these days, so are politics.

At least that’s the opinion of Ian Watkins, the singer and lyricist for the white-hot British rock group Lostprophets, which just released its latest record, Liberation Transmission.

Watkins says today’s politicians are “so obviously inept” that he felt it unnecessary to write overtly anti- government messages.

In Watkins’ words, “A 10 year-old can listen to a speech by Tony Blair or George W. Bush and tell you it’s bulls■■■, so it’s so obvious, why make another album whining about it?”

Watkins argues that since so many bands have already railed against the machine ad nauseam, he prefers his band’s message to be “more personal than political.”

The Welsh singer says so many bands these days would rather talk about what’s wrong than offer “any sort of solution,” and he wonders “what new can you really do about it” on a record?

Watkins adds: “C’mon, Green Day’s American Idiot just hit the nail on the head. What’s there really to say after that one?”

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