Monday, May 8, 2006

Oakland Streets Produce Shocking Reality of ‘Sideshows’ DVD

OAKLAND, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Twenty years ago, N.W.A.’s records shockingly yelled “F■■■ Tha Police,” but these days on the streets the cry is “Forget the Police.”

That’s what the producer of a new reality DVD called Wildest Sideshows Uncensored claims.

Known on the streets of Oakland, California as Drop Knock, the 20something do-it-yourself filmmaker is making a name for himself with shocking ghetto realities caught on tape.

Drop Knock also produces related DVD titles like Ghetto Fights and Hyphy Exposed and insists not just anyone can capture the wild brawls, street races and auto-related mayhem his videos show the world.

In his words, “You gotta be out there with these people to get it right, and I been checking out the sideshows close up since I was a teenager.”

Drop Knock adds, “It just made sense: we used to tape all this crazy s■■■, then go home, get high and think, ‘Damn, I bet some other mother■■■■■■s would love to see this, too!”’

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