Friday, April 7, 2006

Wanted: 5000 People To Join Fiji Tribe

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – No man is an island, which is why two guys in London are looking for 5000 people who want to become members of their own Fiji tribe.

Mark James and Ben Keene are self-described “social entrepreneurs” who have leased rights to a relatively deserted island in Fiji in hopes of creating a new “tribe” that thrives there and online as well.

The new tribe will collectively decide on the island’s infrastructure, activities and elect 12 different chiefs to rule the island for one month each year.

Tribal members who pay between $210 and $630 will be allowed to stay between 7 and 21 nights on the island during a three-year period, but James figures the island will exist mostly online.

Sadly, the accommodations won’t come close to the standards of, say, Gilligan’s Island – there’s no electricity and only two small shacks.

Plus, only 100 people can stay on the island at a time.

Still, James and Keene may be on to something. Although they just announced the concept earlier this week, their tribe already has at least 37 dues-paying members.

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