Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Avian Flu Scare Making Bird Lovers Batty

BELLEVUE, Wash. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The current avian flu scare is driving bird lovers batty.

That’s according to Dr. Stewart Metz of Project Bird Watch, who says parrots and cockatoos are being slaughtered indiscriminately thanks to bird brains in Asia who use isolated cases of avian flu as an excuse to kill all feral birds in the area.

For instance, Philippine officials recently killed 339 smuggled parrots and Metz says this is unfair since there have been no reports of parrots or cockatoos coming down with the disease.

Metz fears that the anti-avian flu attitude will take flight in the U.S. and cause bird lovers to ditch their cockatoos at rescue centers or, worse, release Polly into the wild to fend for her own crackers.

He admits that if bird flu takes wing in the U.S. that stiff measures will have to be taken; but also says wiping out poultry willy-nilly will create a “tragedy” that he claims could persist “well after this calamitous disease outbreak ceases.”

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