Wednesday, March 22, 2006

‘Star Trek’ Fan Film Spoofs ‘Wrath of Khan’

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One Star Trek fan is going boldly where William Shatner and Ricardo Montalban haven’t gone in years.

Jose Guzman, a Trekker and amateur film maker, has released his low-budget fan film parody of The Wrath of Khan called Space Cadets on the internet.

He says it was a dream that took him eight years to make. As Guzman explains, he was a junior in high school in 1988 when he wanted to produce the film, but naysayers and lack of experience delayed him from making it until 1996.

Guzman stars in the film, and says his friends tell him he does a good Khan impersonation, even if he doesn’t don a white wig or expose his man boobs as Montalban did in the flick.

Now, for the movie’s ten year anniversary, he’s dedicating it to a friend who appears in the film who has since passed away.

The movie can be viewed at, and Guzman says he hopes it will “give Star Trek fans hope” now that the franchise, as he puts it, “is resting.”

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