Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cruise Industry May Get A Lift From ‘Aeroscraft’

TARZANA, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – There may soon be a new cruise liner on the market, but with one major difference – This one flies.

The proposed 850-foot-long luxury airship is called Aeroscraft, and although it looks like a blimp and uses some blimp technology, company spokesman Edward Pevzner is quick to point out, “It’s NOT a blimp.”

The Aeroscraft uses lifting gas like an airship, but incorporates dynamic liftoff similar to an airplane and is capable of vertical takeoff and landing like a helicopter.

A smaller prototype should be ready in the next 18 months and Pevzner speculates the behemoth cruise liner – complete with staterooms, restaurants, shops, etc. – will be done by 2010.

Pevzner insists the structure is very sturdy. He says shooting arrows at the Aeroscraft “is not going to do anything,” and that only something like a missile would damage it.

For those having Hindenburg flashbacks, Pevzner insists, “Again, it’s not a blimp. The gas they used for the [Hindenburg] blimp was hydrogen. The gas we use is helium, which is essentially a fire extinguisher.”

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