Monday, February 6, 2006

Not All Rappers Are As Freaky As They Claim

MIAMI (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A pioneering rapper is doing his bit for truth-in-advertising by revealing which hip-hop stars are as freaky as they claim.

Luther Campbell – the man behind the infamous 2 Live Crew – is about release an audio autobiography, Uncle Luke – My Life & Freaky Times, that reveals the ins and outs of his sex romps, as well as those of celebrities like Lil Kim, Mike Tyson and Robert DeNiro.

Campbell says he likes to interview celebs about their sex habits and then tempt them to see if they’re really as nasty as they claim.

Sadly, many of them fall short of “Uncle Luke’s” freak standards.

For instance, Lil Kim claimed to be a sex freak but when he brought in 15 or so guys and asked her to have an orgy, she refused.

Another rapper who failed to let his freak flag fly was Akinyele, best known for the touching love song, “Put It In Your Mouth.”

The rapper claimed he could have oral sex any time anywhere but when Campbell brought in a willing woman, he chickened out.

Not every celebrity is so skittish. Campbell says DeNiro got down and dirty with a Miami waitress, and singer Aaron Hall won the title for “nastiest man in the industry” by doing “R. Kelly stuff” live on camera.

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