Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dog Treat Launcher Will Launch In February

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A new dog-related product is about to hit the market with a bang.

Beginning mid-February, dog owners will be able to propel dog treats up to 12 feet using a gun-shaped dog treat launcher called SnackShotz.

John Cullen, the director of marketing for Dogmatic Products, the company that produces SnackShotz, says it’s time for dog owners to stop giving their pooches treats for something as simple as sitting, adding, “Dogs don’t even work for it anymore.”

He thinks the launcher might actually help fight dog obesity because it stimulates activity and the special treats that fit in the gun – called Discos Flying Dog Treats – are low in fat.

He admits the gun has to have launching power to send a treat flying, but stresses, “We’re not out to hurt any animals.”

Though he compares the 1 oz. treats to “a puff of air,” he says the company does NOT recommend shooting them directly into a dog’s mouth.

The SnackShotz and treats are available through the site

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