Monday, January 23, 2006

Personalized Foosball Table Available For $45,000 And Up

NORTH YORKSHIRE, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A British company is selling a foosball table that’s probably unfit for a frat house.

The luxury game table – named the Opus – is only sold through the site at a starting price of $45,000.

Company director Gordon Gunn says the Opus takes 16 weeks to complete because of the curved wood and stainless steel cabinet, frosted glass playing surface with LED lighting system in a full spectrum of colors underneath and the customized players made with the company’s patent-pending Doppelganger technology.

Gunn explains players can be made to look like anyone, even the Elephant Man, “As long as the client can provide the materials,” meaning photos taken from four or five different angles.

If you want a player to look like a better version of you, Gunn says, “We can modify that so you can have a smaller nose or smaller ears, for example.”

For now, players’ bodies are cast in aluminum wearing a uniform, but if someone really wanted them naked, Gunn says he’s sure his team could make changes, “...if you wanted bits and all.”

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