Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Moon Tourism Feasible By 2010

POWAY, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Reaching the moon might not be one giant leap for mankind anymore, but one company is trying to add a few more small steps to making lunar tourism a reality.

The Southern California-based SpaceDev corporation is blasting off into a new business adventure: Transporting tourists to the south side of the moon, six people at a time.

SpaceDev CEO Jim Benson predicts the lunar trips could be available as early as 2010. The trips will last seven days or more and include a chance to walk on the surface.

Benson boasts that his company can do these human missions for a fraction of the price NASA or a giant aerospace firm would charge, but that doesn’t mean this thrill is going to be cheap.

He figures he’s going to need $10 billion in start-up costs just to get the rocket jaunts off the ground.

Other details need to be worked out, such as the standard of accommodations on the moon and the company policy towards customers who get in fights while traveling for days at a time in cramped mini-rocket ships.

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