Friday, October 21, 2005

Penn Jillette Casts Spell Of Doubt On David Copperfield’s Pregnancy Trick

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – David Copperfield is now claiming he can magically make a woman pregnant on stage but fellow magician Penn Jillette is casting a spell of doubt on the trick.

As Jillette puts it, “The only way Copperfield can reproduce is with a cheesy magic act” and Jilliette says he prefers to do that the old fashioned way: “F■■■ing.”

Meanwhile, Jillette admits his newest magic spells are all wet – but that’s by intent. That’s because Penn & Teller are working up a new magic act that will feature tricks taking place underwater, including a bit with flying rubber doves and a variation on Harry Houdini’s instantaneous exchange using a cage.

The new act will be featured on Penn & Teller: Off The Deep End, a special filmed in the Caribbean that will air on NBC on Nov. 13.

While Jillette is constantly looking for new tricks, he admits he still likes his old favorites.

In his words, “I’ll never grow tired of shoving women into boxes. I do it in my private life as well.”

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