Thursday, October 6, 2005

Bush Picks Supreme Court Judges Based On Facial Similarities

STERLING, Va. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – At first glance, George W. Bush doesn’t look anything like Supreme Court nominees John Roberts or Harriet Miers but they have more in common facially than you might think.

That’s the cheeky observation by Virginia-based face reader Rose Rosetree, who says Roberts and Miers have three important facial qualities in common with the President.

For example, she says none of them show their teeth when smiling, which usually is a sign of secretiveness.

Also, neither Bush, Miers or Roberts have any “eyelid thickness,” just double eyelids that fold over the brow bone. Rosetree suggests they’re good at setting up relationships without getting too codependent.

Finally, all three men have straight chin bottoms, which means they base their decisions on principles but are also prone to black-and-white thinking.

However, Rosetree says the faces of Miers and Roberts have something that may be more important to Bush: Wide jaws on the right sides of their faces, which means they’re intensely loyal.

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