Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Documentary Shows Pit Bulls Are Not Natural Born Killers

WASHINGTON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Long gone are the days of sweet, innocent Petey the Pit Bull from The Little Rascals.

Today, Pit Bulls are dogged by a bad reputation, and a new documentary called Off The Chain – directed by Bobby J. Brown and coproduced by actor Troy Garity – aims to show people that Pit Bulls are not natural born killers, but loving pets who turn violent in the wrong hands.

Brown spent five years infiltrating illegal dogfighting rings – where Pit Bulls are known for their powerful jaws and fight-to-the-death mentality – and over time obtained gory footage for his documentary.

Being a Pit Bull owner, Brown found it hard to watch, but says, “I wanted to enlighten the public that this is going on in every neighborhood.”

Garity calls this documentary “an educational experience,” adding he learned that, “These animals are not to be feared. You should be afraid of the society that’s inclined to fight them.”

Off the Chain hits stores Aug. 30.

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