Thursday, August 18, 2005

Woman Gets Paid To Watch You Wash Dishes

CINCINNATI (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Some people make a living sponging off others, but Cathy Cielenski makes hers by watching people sponge off dishes.

Cielenski is an engineer in the products research department of Proctor & Gamble and has spent the last three years watching Americans wash dishes in order to design a new dish soap, Dawn Direct Foam, that absorbs 10 times the grease of normal dishwashing liquids.

It’s a dirty job, but Cielenski says it’s necessary to see how consumers wash dishes in order to create the best product.

She says many people still dump soap in a sink and let the dishes soak together, but the new trend is to apply soap directly on the sponge and wash one dish at a time without soaking.

Dishing the dirt with consumers provides invaluable information for Cielenski, but she admits it’s important not to act surprised or “aghast” when someone washes dishes in an unusual manner.

Another soapy secret: She says male product researchers have an advantage over females because, the women assume the guys are clueless about housework and explain what they’re doing in great detail.

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