Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Necessity Of Sex Is Mother For ‘Bathhouse Buddy

’ TORONTO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Necessity is usually the mother of invention, but for Toronto-based inventor Max Wilson, it was hot sex.

Wilson is the creator of the “Bathhouse Buddy,” a neoprene strap that fits around a wrist or an ankle and carries orgy essentials like condoms, lubes and poppers.

He came up with the pervy product when he was at a Toronto bathhouse and got tired of trying to carry a sex stockpile while holding up a flimsy towel.

In his words, “I tried to carry the condoms in my sandal straps but it was hard to walk.”

Plus, he says a plastic baggie just isn’t stylish.

Wilson personally put the Bathhouse Buddy through very “rigorous testing” in steamrooms and now feels comfortable that he doesn’t have a bum product.

The device just became available and Wilson says it’s already a hit with gay and bisexual men as well as women who frequent orgies.

Not that he’s surprised. In his words, “If I can’t sell sex on the internet, I must be doing something wrong.”

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