Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Crappy Contest Flushes Out Potty Humor From Potty Goers

ATLANTA (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A new contest is trying to flush out the best potty humor bathroom stories.

The Hilarious Bathroom Blunders Contest is looking for the most embarrassing and quirky bathroom moments experienced by potty goers.

More than 1,000 stories have been submitted at angelsoftpresents.com since the contest began a few weeks ago.

So far, they have included some from oldsters who had to retrieve their dentures from the crapper and others who were locked in a public bathroom stall.

Although the winner will be chosen based on crappy humor, contest spokesperson Colleen Cone says the theme of the cheeky moment can’t be in the toilet in regards to decency.

That means the 200-word essays can’t contain profanity, sexual encounters with bathroom fixtures, or, as Cone puts it, “anything that’s not PG-rated.”

The contest ends June 1 and the winner receives $10,000 and a years supply of toilet paper.

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