Monday, May 2, 2005

Little Rascals Offer To Help Robert Blake

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Now that Robert Blake has been acquitted, his fellow Little Rascals stars want to help him get his finances back in order.

Blake has claimed his murder trial has left him with millions of dollars worth of debt and he needs work to get his life in order.

One person who is offering help is former Our Gang alum Tommy Bond – better known as “Butch” – who says he can help Blake earn money by appearing at autograph shows.

Bond and fellow Rascal, Gordon “Porky” Lee, spend their weekends signing autographed photos at a San Diego swap meet and he says he has an extra folding chair if Blake wants to join.

He figures Blake’s notoriety could net him $55 per photo and says the actor doesn’t have to worry about people accusing him of murdering Bonny Lee Bakley because, in his words, “Everybody who wants autographs is a fine person.”

But Bond isn’t the only one in his family who wants to help Blake get back on his feet. His son, Tommy Jr., runs a film studio that is finishing up a Little Rascals DVD and he’s willing to offer Blake some of the profits if he contributes audio commentary.

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