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Air Guitar Crown Up For Grabs

Newbies have a real shot at air guitar gold at this year's Air Guitar Championships.

Newbies have a real shot at air guitar gold at this year's Air Guitar Championships.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 16:37 GMT

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Air guitarists who’ve always dreamt of being called a champion now have a fighting chance.

The U.S. Air Guitar Championships are happening right now with regional competitions in different cities across the country.

Event creator Kriston Rucker says newcomers and repeat losers have better odds of making it to the final in Finland this year because air guitar legend Hot Lixx Hulahan is hanging up his fake axe to judge and former champ William Ocean is secured a spot in the final.

This means virgin air shredders who could never outperform the icons have a shot at making it, and Ruckers says the newbies “smell the opportunity.”

It won’t be easy though, because nobody becomes a champion the first time around.

Rucker explains, “You need like two or three tries because you have to be really confident or the crowd smells it. You have to do a three act play in 60 seconds and be wildly entertaining.”

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