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Psychic Warned About New England Floods

Psychic Anthony Carr claims he knew the New England floods were coming.

Psychic Anthony Carr claims he knew the New England floods were coming.

Monday, April 5, 2010 9:05 GMT

TORONTO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One psychic claims he saw the massive floods in New England coming a long time ago.

Anthony Carr, aka “The Man Who Predicted 9/11,” foreshadowed the recent floods in parts of New York, Boston, and Rhode Island years ago in his book, Stargazer: Predictions And Prophecies (White Knight).

Carr had a vision of “terrible flooding from rising sea levels” taking over New England, causing “panic for millions.”

If people would’ve taken notice and prepared, he believes that at least the chaos could’ve been avoided.

In the past, the clairvoyant has had accurate visions of the 9/11 attacks, California wildfires, and healthcare reform passing.

Now, he has an eerie feeling that a great dam in the U.S. will burst.

Carr gets his visions through “electricity floating around the universe.” He typically sees and hears a mix of images, voices, and sounds in his head.

He adds, “The future, past, and present are all happening simultaneously.”

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